Essay on Media 's Impact On Society

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In recent years, technology has expanded extremely fast over the years and continues to expand which is unbelievable. Technology’s expansion has caused many good things, but it has also caused many problems in today’s society. A problem media in advertisements has portrayed models to be ultra-thin causing young women to develop eating disorders. Not only eating disorders is a negative effect that women have created from media: depression, body dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, anxiety, and anorexia. This is a small example how media has an influence in today’s society in a negative aspect. Furthermore, media influences today’s society to believe numerous myths like that we only use 10% of our brain or a large number of psychologists are therapists.

Myths People Continue to Believe
Today’s society, the 21st century, has grown to rely and believe anything media feeds to their audience. One can say after so many times of hearing it from others and media saying it as well, one we believe the myth. Another myth many choose to believe is that all therapies are done seating or laying on a coach talking to a therapist. A reason why society believes such a myth is because media always portrays the same setting of a patient seating on a coach talking to therapist in a movie. Instead media never shows any alternative therapies like electroconvulsive therapy, which is supposed treat severe depression (David M. Exploring Psychology, 2014, p. 615). Media has an influence…

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