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ediMedia Planning & Research - Presentation Transcript
Media Planning & Research Client: Intrigue Visuals PowerPoint slides are crafted by ziqq.
Media Planning
“ What are the best means of delivering advertisements to prospective purchasers of my brand or service?”
Media Plan
Media Objectives
Target Audience Analysis
Media Selection Rationale
Creative Media Options
Media Strategy
IntrigueVisuals is a production house dealing in the services of photography,design,3D animation and video.
Objective of this campaign?
IV has no brand name
The market is saturated
They have a portfolio but no where to showcase it
IV has no extensive network to reach out to for jobs
To create awareness about Intrigue
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Disadvantages • They are not very persuasive marketing tool • Many customers take it for granted. • Does not have a long tem effect
TV Radio
Impact; combination of sight and sound
Mass Coverage
Prestige of the medium
Flexibility of coverage
Versatile: sound effects, color, motion, stills, voices, etc
Cost can be very high
Lack of selectivity of audience
Commercials get old quickly
Audience can just change channel when the ad is playing
Timely, flexible
Can be economical
Complements other media (can be like a follow up from your other medium)
Strong on-air personality can build large audience
Can reach people anywhere (cars, beach, restaurant)
Lack of selectivity of audience
Might be hard to get message across with lack of visuals
Statistics Which of these mediums do you NOTICE THE ADVERTISEMENTS the most? (Rank from 1st to 5th. Being 1st as the most while 5th the least) Outdoor (eg. the moove adverts of the cows ard sg) Internet Print TV Radio Effectiveness
1) Outdoor: 84%
2) TV: 64%
3) Print: 63%
4) Internet: 59%
5) Radio: 31%
Outdoor medium is the most effective. It could be of minimum budget and plus point as being the most effective. TV medium is the 2 nd most effective. Print medium is the 3 rd most

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