Media Influence On Children 's Media Essay

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1.Should we be concerned about children’s exposure to media stereotypes? According to cognitive developmental and gender schema theories, children are actively seeking the meaning of being a boy or a girl. The lessons they learn from the media get attached to their own gender schemas and to their sense of self. According to social learning theory, the more often children see models of gendered behavior, the more likely they are to imitate it and store it up for later use. (Crawford 2012 pg. 178). Children are watching TV and using iPads at a very young age. Children like to imitate everything they see and they do not know what’s right or wrong. Media influence affects the way children think and behave, and many children want to grow up too fast. “Sexy clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, and spa manicures are being marketed to very young girls, not just by message about smelling good and looking pretty, but through hints about being sexually attractive.” (Crawford 2012 pg. 179). Media influence has a huge impact on Jenny and her friends because they are from a high class society and they believe that if they do not look fabulous all the time they are worthless. In the beginning of the clip you can tell how media influences Jenny by the way she talks to Samantha. Jenny says “ I want it all, I want it now, and I want you to get it for me.” Jenny considers herself a grown woman at the young age of 13. Jenny is dressed inappropriately for a 13-year-old, wearing very tight pants,…

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