The Influence Of Diversity In Advertising

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1. A) Could advertising aimed naturally at large audiences, avoid stereotypes? Yes, advertisement can be naturally aimed at large audiences while avoiding stereotypes by aiming at a collective need or shared common ground many share; In my opinion to have an effective ad, there should be people, places, and things that people want to relate themselves with. Everyone’s different in one way or another, therefore by displaying diversity, painting people in a different light, displaying enjoyment, and in reverse displaying the dissatisfaction stirred by being without what’s advertised can gets the desirable results. For example, Mountain Dew run commercials that align them self with the NBA. Basketball is a very popular sport with a diverse fan …show more content…
The lack of diversity overwhelms the attempted portrayal of positivity associated with sprite, they missed the mark by not appealing to other demographics. Though no stereotype comes to mind at a first glance, the lack of diversity is a message within itself, and that is a white washed ad with a faint dose of diversity; and it actually deterring from the intended message.
B) Are the stereotypes used in advertising always “bad”- that is, somehow a distortion of the complex truth about the person or persons being depicted? No, not always because the question is if it 's “ALWAYS” bad. Some stereotypes actual sheds light on social issues in society, bringing certain ways of thinking others hold out from the shadows a and coming up with solutions on how we can suggest a change in heart and mind of those people, with corrective action to deeper rooted issues (the cause); the stereotype simply being a branch. The way stereotypes are depicted can provoke awareness in a person to ask, where did such a depiction come from? Inspiring them to do their research to accumulate accurate information; gaining insight on why that stereotype exist in the first place. Accurate information is spread with the findings and more
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Yes it can be interpreted as a metaphor because the scene shows how deep rooted racism and oppression runs. Inequality was a such normal thing at the time that the oppressed was oppressing each other. The perfect analogy is the crabs in a bucket mentality. In the scene the black teenagers are called all types of derogatory terms and pitted against each other, since they can’t release that anger at their oppressors because of the social class, they direct it towards each other. An example from the narrative is when the narrator was forcibly chosen to fight; he had words with the other teenagers because he replaced their friend out an of nights’ work. It 's obvious the teenagers valued money over dignity. They also put the value of the social class and pride over each other’s well-being. When the narrator whispered “Fake like I knocked you out, you can have the prize” to Tatlock he refused and continued fighting instead of putting an end to vicious battle continuing hurt each other. The oppression and inequality of society is definitely the bucket, but did those crabs ever ask how they were got in the bucket in first place?

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