Media And Politics Of The United States Essay

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In the United States of America, one of the most populous nations worldwide, there are multiple media outlets that report news, current events, and happenings within the country and even within the world. Citizens rely on these sources to keep them informed by providing factual, unbiased news. (cite?) However, the media heavily impacts the way that individuals view stories, and even how they view their government. Through agenda setting, gatekeeping, media bias, and the common-carrier role, the media is constantly affecting government and politics of the nation. Even before the invention of newspapers, people found a way to spread news in the United States. However, it wasn’t until this invention that it reached as large of an audience. Due to ever-changing technology, the news has developed into various outlets – newspapers, magazines, radio, television, websites, etc. Journalism in the U.S. has evolved with time and developing technology, and with that, so has the way news has been presented to the country’s people. In the beginning stages of journalism, when newspapers were new to the industrial world, journalists commonly fell into ‘partisan journalism.’ This means that these sources were openly biased to one party, and gave a one-sided version of stories in the news. The news presented was often under-reported, and misinformed U.S. citizens of what was happening politically, socially, economically, etc. Later, in the late 1800’s, journalism shifted from partisan…

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