Media And Its Impact On Women Essay

1564 Words May 31st, 2016 null Page
Media is one of the biggest influences we have in society today and their constant mistreatment of women is one of the biggest issues of today. Media defined by Webster’s dictionary as “the main means of mass communication (especially television, music, radio, newspapers, and the Internet) regarded collectively”. The media is the largest method that for people to receive information about the outside world and the constant barding and discrimination only becomes obvious once people step outside their comfort zone and are willing to ask hard questions that need to be answered we can move forward in creating a better nation not just for woman but for all people.
The way women are shown on television does not come just from the advertisement or the actual screen time that a women has even though those are still heavily favoring of the men epically in the news industry where women are on the broadcast news 32% if the time while men are the other 67%. This difference also helps create an unfair look on issues. Take for example the constant sexualization of women in advertisements on TV; women are constantly used to sell products that have nothing to do with their bodies or sexuality. Take for example the Pepsi commercial in the super bowl a few years back, which portrays a sexuality clad women showing the keys to her heart/body was a can of Pepsi. The absolute ridiculousness of that commercial really should open the eyes of people who want women to be treated equally on…

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