Mechanical Ventilation Essay

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Accountability of Nursing Professionals: Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation
Samantha Madrid
Grand Canyon University

This paper will discuss the weaning of patients off of a mechanical ventilator. It will look at the problems associated with prolonged intubation vs. premature extubation, and what healthcare professionals can do to assess a patients readiness to begin the weaning process. A patient care scenario will be given and an explanation of how nursing practice can evolve with the knowledge from this study will be shown. The accountability of the nursing professional in regards to mechanical ventilation will be visited as well.
Accountability of Nursing
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An example of how a nurse may implement these changes into her clinical practice can be seen by this patient care situation: A 52 year old male comes back from surgery on a ventilator due to coding on the operating table. The patient was brought back to a sinus rhythm through CPR and chemical resuscitation. The doctor feels that the patient needs to remain on the ventilator as he is admitted to the ICU, due to the patient’s inability to take adequate breaths on his own. The nurse instantly monitors the tolerance of the ventilator according to vital signs. The Sp02 is at 100% on 80% Fi02. The nurse collaborates with the respiratory therapist and they begin to wean the Fi02 down over the next 12 hours. As the patient is able to sustain his Sp02 above 90% at a low amount of Fi02 the nurse decides to call the doctor to discuss extubation. The nurse is ordered to turn down the amount of given breaths the patients receives through mechanical ventilation in order to allow the patient to spontaneously breath and told to call back with patient tolerance. The nurse reports that the patient tolerated well and is taking breaths on his own. The doctor comes in and extubates the patient and leaves. Within 90 minutes the patient is in distress, and is no longer able to maintain an adequate number of breaths, therefore

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