Meanings of Mercy in the Novel Mercy of the Children Essays

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The Acts of Mercy Mercy is kind forbearance shown towards an enemy or an offender. In the novel, “Mercy Among the Children”, by David Adams Richards, the beginning section is called “Mercy”. Throughout the novel, the main character Sydney Henderson lives his life based around mercy. Not only does Sydney experience mercy, but it's portrayed among others throughout the novel. During this essay my altercations will be based on, “Why this section is called Mercy”.

Reason #1: Sydney shows Mercy towards everyone: Sydney's upbringing caused him to show mercy towards his enemies. At a young age Sydney experienced constant violence and negative public criticism. His father was sent to jail and the Henderson name was looked down upon harsh
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Sydney knows he receives unfair treatment, but he feels that in the long run those who are forgiving will overcome all.

Reason #2: Community shows no Mercy towards Sydney: The community has a way of showing mercy to the ones who do not deserve it. After the death of Trenton Pit, the Pit's reputation was liberate. Society gave mercy towards the family, mostly because Trenton was a young, mentally challenged boy, but also they gave mercy towards the family because of the tragic way he came upon his death. Hundreds of people paid their respects to the family, however very few were informed of how Trenton's death actually occurred. One of the visitors assumptions shows how clueless they are towards the truth of Trenton's death, “These good-hearted people needed to be there for this troubled Pit family, to prove that they stood shoulder shoulder in such horrendous loss and that past deeds, mistakes or feelings towards Cynthia and Mat Pit meant little or nothing compared to grace and love.” (121). This quote is an example of contradiction where those who have been excused by the community for their wrong doings from the past, whereas those whom are most innocent receive no mercy at all. Most of the community believe Sydney is to blame for Trenton's death,

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