Meaning Throughout Time In The Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlets Letters Meaning Throughout Time Imagine being in kindergarten, eager and adolescent, anxious to learn new things. What will be first? Spelling? Math? No, here it comes, the alphabet. “A, B, C, D..” and so on in tiny maturing voices. It’s one of the most vital things anyone can learn in life, it’s the basics for all language. But who knew while getting older, that the letters can be turned into a whole other meaning? We as individuals can decide what each letter may represent, but usually society may have a pull on our opinions, especially on the most important letter in our language; the letter A. For many readers of the novel The Scarlet Letter, the A may represent adultery and sin. Hester Prynne battles the opinions of her society …show more content…
These actions did not change Hester’s view of her sin, she still thought of herself badly and let it define her life. However, her community and society started to look at her for more than just her sin. They looked at her as helpful and caring, helping out in her community. Some would even come to her for advice or guidance. Throughout time, the A was said to represent “able” or even “angel”, something Hester thought would never happen. Throughout her life, even to the day she died, she continued to wear the scarlet letter as she said “It has become a part of me”. Hester’s scarlet letter was intended to bring her down in society, to be judged for the rest of her life for her sin. But by the end of the book, the letter was able to bring her up in society, to even higher than where she was …show more content…
She lost all of her friends, boys are starting to use her without her knowledge, and the christian group is protesting against her actions. She is living her very own Scarlet Letter story. Everyone in her school looks at her poorly. As she tries to correct her mistakes, she gets accused of giving Marianne 's boyfriend an STD. At this point, Olive is ready to confess her lies and make everything right again in her society. She makes up with Rhiannon, and enjoys her life of being the individual she originally was. She enjoys the company of her new boyfriend Todd, who never believed that the lies she told were true.
There are many noticeable similarities between The Scarlet Letter and Easy A and how the power of the A can be very influential in an individual 's life. In Hester 's society, the A was intended to bring her down as her punishment for her sin. But by the end of the book, she was recognized as an individual aside from her sin, and was greatly liked in the community. Olive, however, thought the A would make her relevant in her community and bring her up in society. But she learned the hard way, the power of the letter can easily bring you down with judgment and make you realize your self

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