Meaning Of Interpersonal Communication

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When prompted with the statement “One of the most important things that future health professionals can learn from their undergraduate experience is how to effectively communicate” (CITE DES). This seems to be a very accurate statement as the healthcare field is ever expanding with the progression of new information and technologies. There are different forms of communication utilized by the professionals in the healthcare field. In addition, the different types of communication may not be the common initial ideologies of communication and one may argue the most important undergraduate experience is the procurement of knowledge. However, the connotations of the word communication limit the general opinion of communication. There are two main forms of communication: verbal and non-verbal in addition to vocal and non-vocal (POWERPOINT 1). Both forms are important in healthcare to convey information to other professionals and patients. …show more content…
Communication’s denotation, or the literary meaning, is simply as the exchanging of information (CITE). Those, who are wanting to become healthcare professionals, require superior communication skills as a career in this field to allow for the best overall understanding, specifically pertaining to patient contact and public addresses. The foundation for interpersonal communication skills are acquired in undergraduate education as with classes in liberal arts provide a broader sense of language. Language which is a societal structure of the meaning, combinations, and coordination of words (American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association). Specifically, more technical language and understanding of grammatical rules are learned through classes. Having a strong foundation of language allows for a person to be a better conveyor of information to others for

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