Essay about Mcmurphy 's Underlying Strengths And Weaknesses

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The conflicts that arose between our two main characters gave purpose to the story being told and insight to McMurphy 's underlying strengths. Forman 's casting of these two is what allowed for them to be viewed as such realistically regular people who are so much more once you get to know them, just as anyone one might meet on the street, but in a quite disturbing way. "Nurse Ratched represents the System, that all Randles must buck" (Canby par.6). Indeed she does, however, their quarrels were much more than a rebellious man 's reaction to being told what to do. As mentioned before, McMurphy had his hints of kindness and generosity that arose out of care for his fellow inmates. So at first, his interrupting of a therapy session by flipping through cards or bringing up twice that the World Series should be put on the television, were simple bets he made with the guys to see how long it would take to drive the nurse insane. Yet, after he realizes he 's committed, those acts are for much more than a cigarette and a good laugh. Furthermore, after hearing the guards listen to the World Series game on the radio, the audience learns the year is 1963, and for those who lived during that era, the underlying message of the movie soon spills out onto the screen. The constant collisions between the nurse and McMurphy represented the political problems our nation faced when too much power was given to the wrong kinds of people. Berardinelli goes on to say, "On the surface, the movie is…

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