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For $1,200, he can lease a warming oven for the six-game home season. The oven has 8 shelves, and each shelf is 3 feet by 6 feet. He plans to fill the oven with the four food items before the game and then again before half time.

Sam has negotiated with a local pizza delivery company to deliver 16-inch square cheese pizzas twice each game – 2 hours before the game and right after the opening kickoff. Each pizza will cost her $10 and will include 8 slices. He estimates that it will cost him $0.90 for each hot dog (hot dog, bun, and condiments), and $2.00 for each barbecue sandwich if he makes the barbecue himself the night before the game. The soft pretzels are likely to cost about $0.75 per pretzel.

He measured a hot dog and found that it takes up about 16 square inches of space, whereas a barbecue sandwich takes up about 25 square inches of space. He would only put whole pizzas into the warming over; not a fraction of a pizza. He also finds that the soft salted pretzel take up about 20 square inches of space. He plans to sell a slice of pizza for $2.50, a hot dog for $3.00, a soft pretzel for $2.00, and a barbeque sandwich for $5.00.

Sam had $2,500 in case available to purchase and prepare the food items for the first home game; for the remaining five games he will purchase his ingredients with money he has made from the previous game. He has decided that each game should be self-sufficient for food costs and that his food costs should
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