Mass Trial Of The Polio Vaccine Essay

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In 1954 there were 38476 cases of reported polio in the United States in the same year a mass trial of the polio vaccine began with over 1.3 million children participating in the trial (The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, 2016). Six years later the vaccine was licensed for use and then five years after that the reported cases had dropped to only 72 (Post-Polio Health International, 2008).
The first ever vaccination is often attributed to Edward Jenner in 1796 when he noticed that if someone had contracted cowpox they would not contract smallpox. He tested his hypothesis by inoculating eight year old James Phipps with cowpox. The boy was sick for a few days but eventually recovered from the disease at which point Jenner inoculated him with smallpox to his satisfaction the boy did not suffer from the disease. Jenner did this via variolation, a method of pseudo vaccination that involves directly injecting the patient with living matter from an animal with the disease and unlike todays modern vaccines it meant that the patient would become sick from the disease. In this case that was acceptable as cowpox, a mostly harmless disease was used to render the immunity to smallpox.
It would be another century before another vaccine would be developed by Lois Pasteur. His vaccine was for the prevention of chicken Cholera. It is from his discovery that the modern vaccines ability to not harm the patient originated. He achieved this by first attenuating the bacteria, a process he…

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