Mass Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Uses and gratification studies came into effect when mass media researchers became interested in how or why audiences were engaging with different forms of media (Wimmer & Dominick, 1994). The earliest recognised uses and gratifications studies were those of Herzog (1941) and Berelson (1945). Both Herzog and Berelson were interested by what engaging with certain mediums meant for individuals. They studied at a much deeper level than previous studies. Early uses and gratifications studies would receive great criticism and modification over the next 50 years as discussed by Ruggiero (2000), with many theorists conducting their own surveys with revised angles. With reference to relevant theory, this essay will outline what early uses and gratification research, pre-internet, tells us about mass media relationships? It will also explore if early studies are still relevant in the internet era.
Early uses and gratification research focused on media consumption by individuals and what audience’s expectations were of the media. The research was guided by a series of questions that move the focus away from what mass media does to people, but what people do with mass media (Klapper, 1963). Herzog’s 1941 research, helped answer the leading question held by the early radio industry: who listens and why? (Herzog, 2004). Herzog’s study was based on personal interviews with a range of women living in Greater New York. The women were asked where asked questions about why they listened to…

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