Thinness In Teenage Girls

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American Teenaged girls find themselves imprisoned by the trap called thinness. There are numerous ways to attain an ideal of thin beauty, yet eating disorders are the easiest and fastest form of achieving this. Since the 1960s, many models and celebrities have been a representation of the perfect body. Their perfect measurements are being directly displayed by the mass media. Eating disorders have become a silent problem influenced by technology, the fashion industry, social media, and the movie industry. Many parents and scholars are unaware of how female juveniles are a vulnerable target that find themselves falling into the trap of eating less and over-exercising in order to fit into a thin-demanding society. Moreover, the clothing industry …show more content…
A desire is a craving of something that is truly wanted and can usually be achieved. The perfect body shape has become one of the most desired dreams by female juveniles. This makes it a normal state of affairs. The scale becomes a greeting, pounds become enemies, and overthinking becomes the start of new epidemics. Thinness is the heart of every teenagers’ problems. These problems entice critical thinking and take an important role in dreams. To take a case in point, the well-known actress Mary Kate Olsen was a dreamer who achieved the desirability of being thin. The media’s pressure on the young actress led her to start extreme diets and exercise reaching dangerous starvation levels. Many American teenaged girls are similarly influenced by the mass media; therefore, the desire of thinness is at the top of the list of success. Scholars are worried about how strong the desire is to feel beautiful by achieving thinness. This is because there are other desires which should be prioritized. Many female high-schoolers think that a beautiful body and precious face can achieve many goals, however they do not realize that intelligence weights more than beauty. A mind shows how powerful and smart a women can be; however, beauty is only admired as a body and as an image of

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