Mass Marketing Celbrity Chefs and Reality Cooking Shows Essay

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Mass Marketing of Celebrity Chefs and Cooking Reality Shows
A celebrity chef is a kitchen chef who has become famous and well known. Today celebrity chefs often become celebrities by presenting cooking advice and demonstrations via mass media, especially television (Wikipedia, 2011). Chefs and cooks are always in demand all over the world. They are responsible for menu planning, prepping food, cooking and presenting attractive meals. Cooks become chefs after many years of training. Receiving a formal culinary education, can help speed up the process. This prevents development of bad habits and learning proper techniques from the start. It also teaches time management and efficiency in working and meal planning. These
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So, what has changed for reality chefs and cooking programs over the years? The first cooking shows were run on network TV, in the 1960’s, to promote specific foods or cooking products to a female audience. These shows were shown during the day when housewives were home and the chef demonstrated actual cooking techniques. They were referred to as “dump and stir” shows (James, 2009). Most of the time, the ingredients and/or cookwares were primary sponsors of the show. These shows were inexpensive to produce and could be called just cooking shows which were very profitable. These shows were relegated to the realm of educational or “public” television. Then in 1993, everybody thought the people behind the “TV Network” had lost their minds and dedicated a cable network to nothing but food and cooking. Who would watch that? Part of the reason for their success was a change in focus. The programming about food philosophy changed. Not everybody cooks, but everybody eats. As a result, “reality” shows, focused to food were born.
So why are these shows so popular? It is because they have borrowed major elements from America’s latest TV fad: reality. The producers have taken ingredients from all these shows and blended them into a recipe for success. Famous people, flashy, charismatic people: high tech settings or exotic locations; drama, comedy and mostly competitions in a so called, “Kitchen Stadium” set-up, make for exciting viewing. Cooking

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