Masks And Their Effects On Society Essay

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Masks, are items created by indigenous Cultures, Once used for Religious, Ceremonial, Ritual, used in a way to welcome and entice good spirits and ward off evil spirits, Rights of passage , Religious Offerings , Protection, and Sacrifice. Masks have had different roles throughout history and their are no limit to ways they will/have been used.
The mask we use now have compromised to a psychological level. I use a mask, in fact everyone does. We use masks everyday, they are what I put my mask on everyday when I leave my house, because I know that I will have to face challenges, situations and people. I have different masks for different situations. “Masking (Personality Theory) is a process in which an individual changes or "masks" his or her natural personality to conform to social pressures, abuse, and orharassment.” Acording to ( Definitions)
Masks are made to deceive, make us seem like those things or that person what we are not.” It starts as young as being in preschool, their small and then they develop as we get older”, from( The masks we wear) We start learning how to really use them. I use a mask to hide my true emotions and show the ones that are acceptable to society. We use the masks to hide all our emotions, Anger, Sadness, Anxiety, Disgust, Embarrassment, Fear, Frustration , Amusement, Boredom, Contempt, Happiness, and Interest.
People judge everything and having a mask is what protects you from the world. There are…

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