Masking Poor Communication Essay

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Masking Poor Communication
COM 200 Interpersonal
December 2, 2013

After reading the article Close Relationships Sometime Mask Poor Communication, I would have to agree and can understand the content of poor communication within a relationship, along with communicating with strangers. Over time in relationships couples begin to get closer and more comfortable with each other, and in some situations the communication is misunderstood. By taking a deeper look into the elements of the article, I have experienced several miscommunications within close relationships. “Communication can appear within close relationships as an illusion in a meaning of understanding or not” (Health Day News, 2011).
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The responsibility of good communication comes from both persons involved and can not just be the responsibility of one person. Most people in a relationship feel that there is good communication otherwise they wouldn’t be together, when in fact; most people don’t know how to communicate properly. One example I have of a miscommunication in my life would be one that involves my sister. My sister and I have a great relationship now, but never really use to be as close as we are. We do bang heads but what siblings don’t. My sister and I relationship is always a good one now, but once in awhile we run into problems because I have one way of communicating my thoughts and feelings and she has a another way. We are complete opposites in everything and this leads to miscommunication. My sister is older than me, and has always felt the need to try and control my life. When I advised her that I was planning on returning to school to receive my degree and what I was going to return for, her attitude was, why would you want to do that, why not go back for this or that instead. When I explain myself to her its like it goes in one ear and out the other. I can ask her today why I am here and what made me want to do what I am doing, and she would not be able to tell you. This is one example out of many. There are many times where I have to also repeat myself to my sister because she zones out and stops listening to me. This is very frustrating to me because it makes me feel like she

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