Masking Poor Communication Essay

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Masking Poor Communication
After reading the article, “Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication”, I realized that miscommunication is a big part of our everyday lives. I am sure that many of us have thought that we have communicated very well with ones that are closest to us. The article made the statement that people believe to communicate better with their friends rather than strangers. When dealing with miscommunication this statement can have debates. Usually were wrapped up in the way that we talk with people we are close to and we usually make the assumption that since we’ve been close for so long that we have our own language and they automatically know what we’re talking about. When this is the case, when having
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There are many different approaches to take in order to prevent miscommunication from happening and approaches to take if it did happen. In every conversation never assume just because it makes sense to you that it’s going to make sense to the next person. These types of assumptions are a major reasoning for miscommunications happening in the first place. In my time I have had multiple of miscommunications with close friends due to me just assuming that how I say something will make sense to them. After I realize that what I said didn’t make sense to the person I am talking to I try to find a way to explain what I was trying to say. This article gave a lot of insight on how conversations should be spoken.
In conclusion, one should always remember to keep the other person in mind and never to assume that the other person is going to know what you are talking about. Miscommunications can very much be avoided if you just remember to keep the other person in mind and to make sure all the facts are there and there is no room for assumptions.


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