Masculinity : ' I Love You Man ' By Paul Rudd And Jason Sigel

951 Words Dec 6th, 2016 4 Pages
A predominant topic in today’s society, that is hardly discussed is masculinity. Over the course of three years at Ohio State, I have never attended an event that is masculinity related, so I went to the “Movember at the Movies “on November 21,2016. Just a brief background on Movember, it’s offered as a part of the counseling and consultation services that are dedicated to discussing men’s mental health, masculinity, and issues. The movie choice was “I Love you man” starring Paul Rudd and Jason Sigel. Overall, the movie was hilarious. I would categorize it as a Romantic Comedy. Some might say this movie would still classify as a chic flick, but that’s precisely why Movember is playing the movie and having a discussion of the laws of masculinity. In the movie the main character would not be classified as a manly man. Peter is the type of guy that gets along with the female population more than the male. I’m not sure how your preference of friends defines masculinity, but that is a discussion for the latter part of this journal. In a brief synopsis of the movie, Peter Klaven the main character is looking for a best man to be in his wedding but realizes he doesn’t have any close guy friends. In efforts to find a best man he goes on a series of man dates. Peter then meets Sydney, they hang out, they end up becoming best friends, Peter goes on a journey of masculinity, and Sydney becomes his best man. Although “I Love You, Man” was a romantic comedy it contained underlined…

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