Literature Review On Masculinity In Sports

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“The NFL still has a Domestic Violence Problem and its impacting on us the spectators

Literature Review
In the past researchers have drawn on a number of theories on masculinity (Sirgy 1982, Arnould and Thompson, 2005) and social relationships (Azjen 1991, Sen and Bhattacharya, 2001) to classify and explore the motives in professional sportsmen domestic violence. Within this stream of study the related practices associated with machoism and domestic violence in a sense of corporate social responsibility have featured strongly in the works of Becker-Olsen et al (2006). Nevertheless, there has been little attention on the motives and practices associated with masculinity and professional sportsmen. Masculinity and the practise
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The reader can see the two statements differ, backing up my previous statements marketing specialist have in defining the meaning of masculinity. It could be argued the media and our livelihood have a major influence in our aggressive masculinity behaviour. Rozin, Hormes et al (2012) research ‘is meat male’ highlights the correlation between meat and male which goes beyond personal characteristics develop and hunting. The emphasising on meat being maximised amongst male in particular athletes and diminished in females’ diet. The maximisation of meat amongst males’ athletes is necessary to gain physical strength due to its high protein content and other essential nutrients needed for athletes. Another example of the practise of masculinity aggressive behaviour is amongst American football athletes. This sporting activity is popular in the US and growing amongst UK contingencies (Maguire, 1991). The elite in this sport have a high intake of food consumption in comparison to the normal man due to the physical nature of the sport and training involved. Iconic NFL athletes such as Ray Lewis, Adrian Peterson and Demarcus Ware have all displayed masculinity traits in their sport, personal identity and behaviour. Gilmore (1991) recent book ‘manhood in the …show more content…
(Welch, 1997) outline the increase in NFL athletes’ domestic violence cases. NFL athletes are associated as rebels, bad boy image, with a focus on aggression, ego and cut throat competitive nature (Wlech 1997). It is evident cultural influences and the media have a played a major role in grouping together NFL athletes under masculinity aggressive behaviour partly due to their profession. This then falls under the category of stigmatisation. Stigma is created by society on the key basis of “difference or deviance” (Sandikci et al 2010) from the

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