Masculine Sexuality Through Film Gender Essay

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Masculine Sexuality Through Film
In this course we discussed the three level model of understanding Gender. These three levels are individual, interactional and institutional. According to Dr. Winfield’s lecture titled ‘Thinking Sociologically About Gender”, the individual level is how one identifies themselves; it is your personal portrayal of self in regards to feminity or masculinity. Lorber argues that the individual level is established at birth when babies are assigned to a sex category based off of their genetalia. The interactional level of understanding gender reinforces the individual identity. According to the lecture, the interactional level is an ongoing process. We are interested in how gender works on an interactional level. We want to know how we are structured into doing gender as oppose to who we are based on our gender. The last level is the institutional level. In this level, we reinforce the way gender is supposed to be structured in society. The family, intimate and emotional relationships as well as the economy reinforce the institutional level. According to the lecture, gender is a social institution and organizes how we are defined as women and men in society. For this paper I have decided to discuss the way masculine sexuality is observed in the readings we had for the semester and how they relate to the interactional and institutional levels of understanding gender. The two films I have decided to analyze are Fight Club and Pricilla Queen of…

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