Essay on Mary Wollstonecraft And Hannah More

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Capabilities of Women, Or, the Dual Aspasia

As literacy and questions of equality rose, many began to question the values they held, and to varying degrees argue for the discrepancies between race, class and very importantly, sex. Both Mary Wollstonecraft and Hannah More can, and should, be seen as the dialectical evolution of femininity in literature, and more importantly, in the social consciousness. Their efforts despite opposing views helped to steer the conversation on “where” all women belong into a more reasonable state, irreversibly throwing into question ancient and resilient notions as to the strengths and weaknesses of sexes. However, despite both furthering the cause of recognizing the equality between sexes, both displayed femininity in a different light. Wollstonecraft presented femininity as equal to the masculine, having the same capabilities, though lamentably susceptible to the social institutions and literature which, while without bad intentions, was meant to keep them in place on the social structure. Alternatively, Hannah More holds many of the same views as Wollstonecraft in that; women also may learn and discuss philosophy and the sciences, though she is either at best selective or at worst contradictory on the subject, feeling that only a certain form of femininity is reserved the right to knowledge and education, namely, her fellow female members of the Blue Stockings.
Contemporarily, More is perhaps seen as what can be called a quaint…

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