Marxism Was Developed By Karl Marx Essay example

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Marxism was developed by Karl Marx in the late 19th century and at the time period this socialist society was a major breakthrough. Marxists believe that the society that they have established is by far better than the previous. The main difference between the previous social structures is that in Marxism, economic wealth is shared between each individual, the ideology of Marxism is to create a “classless” society. In the present days Marxist ideologies are criticized by many societies, this is the outcome of the cold war propaganda, which had a span of fifty years. The ideologies of Communism and Marxism have severely affected the world and its history. When looking at ideological developments, Marxist communism was different that the others, in the past 200 years it has been the most influential. Communism and Capitalism have characterized the 20th Century in a massive way. It may be seen that Marxist socialism is only based on the ideologies of socialism, however that is not true, it also follows a form of Anarchism and Communism. Marxist communism was a well structured society because it used methodological conceptions, which were titled “guided thread” by Karl Marx. The “guided thread” maintained the country to run by orders without any rebellions. The main goal of Marxism was to abolish all social classes and to create equality for all. Marx’s idea to keep power in his system was a very clever way, it was created by both methodological conceptions and the persuasive…

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