Marxism and the Matrix Essay

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The movie, “The Matrix” is an outstanding example of the term “Marxism”. Simply put, Marxism is the political and economic theory of Marx, advocating abolition of private property, and state provision of work and subsistence for all, and to be a Marxist, is to follow Karl Marx’s theories. Along the lines of Marx’s theories; a reality and way of life in the Matrix is maintained, oppressed, discovered, and eventually explained. Marx advocates a violent change, and The Matrix demonstrates this type of propaganda. The character Trinity sets the tone from the very start with her defying antics, and Neo’s role is realized; as this reality that is the Matrix is explained. The Wachowski brothers’ film, The Matrix, easily lends itself to a Marxist …show more content…
He is wearing rough-looking army clothes and among a group of similarly dressed working class types with names like Tank and Dozer. These are the salt of the earth types that oppose the black-suited capitalistic guys protecting the machines (the means of production). Marxist symbols abound in this movie.

Neo’s trained in combat, but rebels soon betrayed by Cipher – who tells smith (machine construct) that he wants to become Reagan, and an actor when he’s placed back in the artificial world. It’s ironic that the rebels are betrayed by a guy with the same name as a former President of the United States – a right wing republican actor named Ronald Reagan. This is another black mark against capitalism.

The movie continues – and becomes a violent blood bath to the sounds of the band “Rage against the machine”. The groups’ lead singer Zack de la Rocha wrote the song, wake up, which is sort of a theme song for the movie. He is also known for his anti-establishment views.

The Matrix is a mould of capitalism created along the lines of Marxism. Everyone has their future written for them. Humans within this society may make their decisions to a

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