Marx 's Theory Of Ideology Essay

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Established on Marx 's claim that a social formation has to be maintained by reproduction of the conditions of production, Althusser is dedicated to improving the “Marxist theory” of the State from the point of view of reproduction. He believes that the reproduction of the relations of production is mainly secured by the Ideological State Apparatuses (AIE). However, he finds that although Marx has made some discussions about ideology, he has never formulated a theory of it. Therefore, Althusser proposes a theory of ideology in general, and focuses on exploring the relations among ideology, individuals, and subjects. The close relation of the three makes him realize that subjects are always within ideology. Only when outside of ideology, can one have the scientific knowledge of the mechanism of ideological recognition. Through analysis of some practices of ideological recognition, Althusser finds that the real problem lies in the reproduction of the relations of production, i.e. of capitalist relations of exploitation.
It is clear for common people that "you and I are subjects" is “obviousness". This reaction, as Althusser points out, is an effect of ideology. The “ideology” here designates the theory of "ideology in general". The structure and functioning endowed makes it different from ideologies, and enables it to be non-historical, eternal and omnipresent. If we analyze this notion, we can see that the relation between individuals (i.e. "you and I") and subjects are a…

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