Marx And Engels : The Communist Manifesto Essay

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In the late 1700s, the French revolution occurred because the French aristocracy and monarchy had oppressed the Third Estate: the peasants and commoners that were not part of the nobility or clergy. These French commoners declared their natural and political rights and overthrew the oppressive system of nobility in order to promote equality and create a government that would be more representative of the people. About fifty years after the French Revolution, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels were commissioned to write the Communist Manifesto, which similarly detailed a way that an oppressed working class would overthrow the exploitative bourgeoisie in order to promote equality and create a better government. The ideal Communist government Marx and Engels envision shares many of the same ideals for government as those that led the French Revolution. Some of these similarities involve the overthrowing of an oppressive class in order to promote equality and the importance of education for everyone in society. However, there was also many differences between the ideals of Marx and Engels and those of the French Revolution, especially in terms of property rights and the system of government that each hoped would be created.
In order to achieve communism, the proletariat must rise up against the bourgeoisie and overthrow them. At the heart of the Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels argue that the working class, the proletariat, will always be working against the bourgeoisie, a class…

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