Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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Martin Luther King Jr, is best remembered for his role in the black rights movements using a non-violent approach founded on Christian philosophies. He was also lesser known as a minister and humanitarian. Though he was sadly assassinated in 1968, his work in civil rights still affects life in America today. King through out his life faced adversity but used all the power he had to allow future generations to not have to. King did not only fight for black rights but for equality for all. Kings messages and beliefs have had a lasting impact and can be seen still today in America.

The first way we see Dr. King’s impact is in the extinguishing of segregation. Jim crow laws are the laws that enforced racial segregation. Jim crow laws stated the proper way that public facilities should be run in order for the white and blacks to be kept separate. The laws were extremely strict as blacks and whites were to attend separate schools and churches, use marked public bathrooms, eat in separate restaurants’ or in different restaurants entirely and sit in the back of the bus. These laws claimed equality for both parties but it was clear that this was not true (Hansen). An example of Martin Luther king experiencing these laws happened on October 19th 1960, Dr. King joins a peaceful student sit-in at a restaurant for whites which was located inside a department store called Rich 's. He was then arrested along side the 51 other peaceful protesters for trespassing. King was already on…

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