Martin Luther King Jr And Malcolm X Essay

1864 Words Oct 24th, 2016 8 Pages
There were two representative icons who are Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X appeared at that time. Martin Luther King Jr. was a famous civil rights activist who used the nonviolence theory to get equality. He had made a great contribution on helping African American strive for quality and made them realize the importance of achieving the real equality. At the same time, Malcolm X also was a civil rights activist who advocated the way of violence to improve the position of the black people. Although Malcolm X had more militant perspectives about how to promote the black power than Martin Luther King Jr., both of them had made a huge influence on promoted the African American to achieve more rights and equality position in United States. The connection of nonviolence and violence are important in the Civil Rights Movements. I will deeply explore what Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X did in the Civil Rights Movements and their influence for African Americans and the whole society.
As we know, Martin Luther King Jr is one of the most famous people in the United States. the two event which are a letter form Birmingham jail and the famous March on Washington tells us how King who was a Civil Rights activist advocated to use nonviolence as the main method in promoting the equality position of African Americans. At the early period, he and other partners built the Southern Christian Leadership Conference for advocating the equal treatment of black people by using the way of…

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