Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Essay

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When people hear the word Civil Rights Movement, two men automatically come to their minds, Martin Luther King
Jr. and Malcolm X. While both these men had very different views and ideas, they also shared similarities. Part of the reason for their different views was because one was in the South and the other was in the North. Martin saw a
Dream that could be fulfilled in the South and Malcolm saw a Nightmare, which would never end in the North. Martin and Malcolm were raised in very different homes. Martin
Luther King Jr. grew up in Atlanta; his family status was that of the middle class, he never experienced poverty or hunger like Malcolm did. Martin was raised in a loving and supporting environment. His parents instilled in
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Martin told his parents what happened and in response his mother told him, "You must never feel that you are less than anybody else. You must always feel that you are somebody."2 Another incident that impacted him happened when he and his teacher were asked give their seats up to white passengers; they had to stand up for the entire trip which was ninety miles long. Different forms of education, different family lifestyles, different religious backgrounds and different environments, these events set the stage which made Martin believe in his Dream and
Malcolm believe in his Nightmare. These events helped shape the philosophies that each developed, Martin's non-violent direct action and Malcolm's non non-violence.
Martin King believed in the power of loving your enemy.
He preached and taught that loving one's enemy was the only real way to fight the white man's hate. He believed that
"non-violence was the only tactical weapon black people had at there command."3 As well as believing in non-violence, Martin also believed in the integration of blacks and whites in the South. King addressed the issue of segregation as being "a tragic evil which is utterly un-Christian."4 He preached both the message of non-violence and the message that segregation was evil, at
Dexter Church which he was pastor for. In his preaching,
Martin instilled five aims to strive for in order to ultimately better black peoples lives. These five objectives were brought up

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