Martin Luther And John Calvin Vs. Catholic Church Essays

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Back in early European history, there were often many disagreements between people, especially when it came to religion. These disagreements can lead to a wide variety of things, whether it be war, compromise, or just flat out tension. In one of the bigger disputes of religion in European history, Martin Luther and John Calvin vs. the Catholic Church, there was no clear winner or loser towards the beginning, once the two men proposed their ideas of why the Catholic Church wasn’t to be followed blindly. Their unique ideas opened the eyes of the people of Europe, and the Catholic Church was not happy about that. They knew they had to do something to stop the claims that were coming from both these branches of Christianity, and they felt as if drastic measures were needed to ensure that they would be the only church that these people would be listening to. They responded with aggression, formed the Council of Trent, and attempted to disregard the negative accusations being thrown their way. To know what the Catholic church was refuting, you had to know what claims were being made against them. To start, you should know about Martin Luther and his ideas. Martin Luther started the Protestant Revolution. He was taught by Bartholomaeus Arnoldivon Usingen and Jodocus Trutfetter, who expressed Luther to be suspicious of even the most well known thinker, which got him thinking about the Catholic church. He was originally studying the law, but he abandoned all that to join the…

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