Martin Gansberg's Impact Of Cultural Revolutions In America

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Contemporary society has been faced with many cultural revolutions as the decades have progressed. Spanning from the early 1950’s to 2016, American Culture has strayed from the commonly shared values of a once religiously rooted America. The way in which we dress, our colloquialism, and commonly accepted values have propelled America into a very interesting era in which each new generation continues to distance our values from those in post-World War II United States. In Martin Gansberg’s article “38 Who Saw a Murder and Didn’t Call the Police”, Gansberg recounts the murder of Catherine Genovese while also depicting the apathy the witnesses present demonstrated as they saw the events unfold. Although the article was written in 1964, much of the issues Gansberg presents still remain apparent today. …show more content…
Some People put these Narcos on to t-shirts and wear them proudly as if the trafficker was the embodiment of Jesus. American media also gives the illusion that violence truly surrounds the U.S. especially as the media exploits certain news stories. The movies which Americans consider as entertainment are poisoned with violence in order to make more money at the box office. America has begun to truly take violence and integrate it as the country’s foundation, which has changed the way generations have interacted as a whole. Most especially the glamorization of violence is perpetrated through commonalities, the lack of values and apathy of American Contemporary

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