Essay on Martin Buber and the Way of Man

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Martin Buber is today’s one of the most important representatives of the human spirit. He was born in Vienna in 1878, studied philosophy and the history of art at the University of Vienna and of Berlin. In 1916 he founded Der Jude, a periodical which he edited until 1924 and which became under his guidance the leading organ of the German-speaking Jewry. Professor Buber has written widely in the fields of philosophy, education, philosophy of religion, community, sociology, psychology, art, Biblical interpretation, Judaism, Hasidism, and Zionism. Buber’s works best known in America include I and Thou, the classical statement of his philosophy of dialogue, Between Man and Man, Eclipse of God, The Tales of the Hasidism and the
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There is nothing so crass or base that it cannot become material for hallowing. The profane, for Hasidism, is only a designation for the not yet hallowed. Hallowing transforms the evil urges by confronting them with holiness and making them responsible toward what is holy. It is not in our inward devotion alone or in Freudian sublimation which uses the relation to the outer as a means to inner change, but in essential, mutual relations with others that we are able to serve God with our fear, anger, love, and sexual desire. What God asks of man is that he become humanly holy, i.e., becomes holy as man, in the measure and in the manner of man.
The Relationship of God and Man
God asks us questions that He already knows the answer to so as to call us to examine ourselves. This is based on the belief that we are capable of knowing who and what we are by self-examination. The chief did not what to be called to examine himself because he was afraid of what he might find out. Each human being is unique, should seek to discover, then be himself and do what he ought to do in service to God. The way to reach God is revealed when a person comes to understand who and what he or she is in their own individuality in recognition of that absolute which create and stirs those inner desires so leading that person to that absolute, which is God, by being what he or she ought be as God intends.
Heart-Searching the Way of Man: Man and Man Relationship
The task of man, of every man,

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