Essay on Mars Versus Earth

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Mars VS Earth
Mars and Earth are both part of the four terrestrial planets that orbit within the inner solar system and are from the same origin. They are both made of rock and metal. Mars has an extremely weak magnetosphere however, so probably doesn’t have a liquid metal core. Earth on the other hand does have a liquid metal core, which provides its strong magnetosphere. Solar radiation can therefore directly penetrate Mars, while Earth can reflect solar radiation. Mars is much further from the sun than Earth making it much colder. This distance from the Sun also makes a big difference in the length of their years, with Mars year being about twice as long. Further, Mars orbit around the sun is more eccentric than Earth’s, which leads
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Life requires other life forms to live. It’s a flow and a cycle. And to survive and thrive, there aren’t different aspects that need our attention, and things we want to give our attention to.
For example we want to have leisure and so some people like to enjoy swimming at a lake. Perhaps some people like to go boating. Welders of politics about these desires of people, because experience shows that some people might get hurt if there aren’t rules or laws, or some kind of authority that says you can’t drive your boats closer to shore in this swimming area. Or let’s talk about that aspect of food. We need land to create food. Who will be given the rights to manage, grow, and make a living from making this food. And because our Earth provides the right conditions for life, our population has grown so large, that our political design is structured to help manage all the different needs of allowing us to live. Everyone has to get jobs to work to create things that other people will need and will buy with money they’re making from other jobs that other people need, and everyone fits into this puzzle. But how all these systems and structures work is a manifestation of the design that politics has helped organize and articulate over thousands of years.
Mars on the other and has none of

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