Marriage In Afghanistan Essay

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Marriage in Afghanistan
Marriage is a natural disaster that after the formation of the structure of human society to culture conversion Gshthast. According to Article 60 of the Civil Code of Afghanistan : "Marriage is a contract associate for the purpose of forming a family of self-made men and women between the parties creates rights and obligations. " Marriage in Afghanistan after the Aryan history is clear. At the time of Zoroaster particular to that a little after the arrival of the Arabs still remains. For example, the green belts in the back bride 's family by the bride. This means that our daughter is pristine. Although different nationalities living life in Afghanistan, but the marriage culture is not big changes. There are only small
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Good girl is the one who must be obeyed to family law, a moralgood old Nick, Nick 's family have names. Vzyba obese girls love the people in southern Afghanistan. People working girls in red time home like it. Northern Afghanistan nationalities among the Uzbek and Turkmen great girl who is too carpets Bbaft quality. Vlvl or prices on the girls weave carpets in the set.
Tlbgary [ edit ]
Dvrhast scandalous marriage of the girl 's family members are important for satisfaction problems. The families of the children and family members of the girl Vpal Press. The family agreed to accept his son said. For example, how Vlvl (money value girls) of gold , clothes, etc. to discuss girls team. If the family Janbyn both sweet girl to determine their day.
Lfz or selling desserts eat [ edit ]
Cookies on a great number of male and female family Mrdynh they come. basket full of sweets on the elder daughter of the elder son, is said to be blessed. All applaud and relatives of the groom amount of money in a plate to offer their female relatives. Shyrynykhvry then spoke about whether or not eating sweets. Shyrynykhvry Afghanistan over the girl 's father.But trying to use Shyrynykhvry on Bhandaznd groom. If you do not want to celebrate their Janbyn Shyrynykhvry or macro pastry circle. Father of the groom must pay the amount of money given the same
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October ceremony is set. Yknfrpdr two witnesses and a lawyer appointed by the bride at the wedding hall used to be witnesses to the religious marriage to the bride and the bride Tkrarmyknnd 3 times to 3 times said yes. 3 witnesses answered yes to declare audience. Mhrtyn is later.Mhrhrdv passed by, Mullah Imam 's sermon to the audience Mykhvand.sps Mullah congratulate the groom 's friends all over the floor Myznndv spray transportation projects.
• Eating . The third stage is the dining henna night.
• Face mirror . Wedding fourth stage is a mirror face. The culture of the past remains far among Afghans. In the past, religious intolerance and ethnic ratio of the bride and groom could not see each other until that moment, what is the shape of the bride is beautiful or not. See each other face in the mirror. There is both a sign reading of the Koran and the Koran, they kiss.
• Lshy warp . Shryns those who do not eat dog Lshy Mknnd henna night. By someone great man their age and get lucky bride and groom the dog. Later, the bride and groom Khynh Mymalnd

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