Essay about Marriage And The Old Testament

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Thesis: In this paper I will show, in order to have a marriage that is in line with God, we must seek his will for our life. Psalm 143:10 instructs us to ask God for his will for our lives. “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.” In the Old Testament there are numerous marriages that are entered into, but none are exclusively shown seeking God’s will in regards to their marriage. I believe that because God’s will isn’t sought after many marriages in the Old Testament do not first obtain love prior to marriage. Introduction
My paper will show that marriage did not equate to love in the Old Testament because many marriages were entered into outside of God’s will. Many factors were a result of marriage for people in those times. Men sought out women that they were attracted to or women whose father they wanted to be connected with. In those days, marriage’s sole purpose was to procreate a man’s namesake. As a part of marriage, men even took on the responsibility of their brother’s wife, if their brother became deceased. In this paper I will utilize the stories of various marriages, including; Sarah and Abraham and also the marriage of Leah, Jacob, and Rachel to illustrate how marriage rarely equated love.
I chose this topic of marriage as a way to educate me in pastoral counseling in the future. Marriage is a major area of counseling. It is important for me to be informed that marriage was not based on love…

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