Marketing Techniques Are Pushing Mentally And Unhealthy Goods On Kids And Lobbying For Anti Child Policies

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Devoting a chapter to each, Joel Bakan takes up eight areas where corporations and their advertising departments are pushing developmentally inappropriate and unhealthy goods on kids and lobbying for anti-child policies.
He explores, first, the world of video games and online “entertainments,” offering appalling examples of calculated manipulations of children’s love of excitement and their needs for company.
Then on to corporations of various sorts purveying a “curriculum” to children. Precociously, they learn about sex from explicit sexual scenes and pornography that are available without check. Sexy clothes and gadgets can be bought by anyone; sexy chat and sexting are free. Violence and mayhem are ubiquitous
Doctors and psychiatrists are manipulated into prescribing to children, whose brains are still developing, all kinds of meds, including anti-psychotics. The marketing techniques are similar to those of food-producing corporations that market junk food, addicting children to regimes of sugar and caffeine, contributing to zooming rates of childhood obesity and diabetes and neurological disorders.
These corporations are just as oblivious to the harm they are doing to children’s health as the environmental polluters responsible for making asthma the leading cause of child hospital admissions and school absences, as one in 10 U.S. children suffer from it. Childhood cancers are on the rise, and the main culprits are environmental toxins.
Because it focuses on children,…

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