Essay on Marketing Plan For Netflix 's Future

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Jones International University

MBA 505 Assignment 7.2

Nancy Saulsberry

a. What role will Redbox and other competitors play in the development of Netflix’s strategic plans? How threatening are these competitors to Netflix’s future? Redbox, and other competitors will play a role of keeping Netflix progressive and push them to constantly achieve and strive for a fresh format. The competition will be forcing Netflix to offer more appealing streaming content for current network programming and or offering services at more competitive pricing. The competitors that are competing for the market share are Hulu, Google Play, Windows Media Player and Amazon. According to Farrell & Hartline (2014), “While Netflix might have had first-mover advantages, other companies seem to be catching up in terms of their digital product offerings. Netflix will need to constantly innovate in order to remain one step ahead of the competition”, (p.477, Para 1). It is apparently threatening enough to Netflix that they consistently try to update their product by offering better content, more convenience or technology to the customer base. They of course made some bad judgment decisions in the past but overall they are very competitive and it behooves them to maintain an advantage as they have, I do not think the competition is an immediate threat to Netflix however people tend to go with the economical path due to the economy and this is not different. If a…

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