Marketing Is The Process Of Advertising Products And Services By Use Of Internet

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Summary executive
E marketing is the process of advertising products and services by use of internet. The developments in the field of technology have played a big role in making e marketing possible and more importantly efficient. There are dramatic changes particularly in the way entrepreneurs communicate with their customers. Use of interactive media such as Facebook, Twitter, and website has facilitated this effective communication in the process of marketing.
Businesses have flourished because of internet marketing since there are fundamental ways in which marketing has changed. The difficulty of communication, failing to reach potential customers, costs of advertising, is some of the challenges that the entrepreneurs were experiencing until e marketing came to their safety. Customer service has improved as customers can access these services easily with internet sites such as websites, Facebook accounts, and Twitter accounts among others to have their issues catered for. Instant feedbacks are exchange between customers and customer service care.
E marketing has provided one of the least expensive way of marketing as it is easy to reach target customers with no travelling costs for example. Almost everyone can afford to start a business right from their home and be able to reach out customers from far parts. It also helps even small businesses to compete with well-established businesses as they can afford to reach out their potential customers and market themselves.…

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