Marketing and Product Essay

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1. On the Basics:
a. We have asserted that marketing is really the strategic idea of ‘connectedness’ with customers. From the perspective of your final project company, identify and discuss how your company connects with its customers – select from either the marketing concept or the selling concept. Be sure to define each concept and be detailed in your response.
A: Marketing concept holds that achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions better than competitors do. (customer focus and value are the path to sales and profits)
The marketing concept is a customer-centered sense and responds philosophy. (The job is to find the right products for your
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Use the language from our readings.
i. Consider pulling from your database research offered in our library workshop to authenticate how your customers behave in your market environment.
b. Additionally, from the criteria that influence the rate of adoption, in what area does your company/product excel and what area does your company/product require attention to strengthen the adoption process? Be detailed in your response.
a. First we have Need Recognition. The buyer recognizes a problem or need of the cellphone by talking to a friend of watching an ad. Second, he will do Information Search. Ads are from commercial sources-controlled by marketers. He may also find information from personal sources, public sources and experiential sources. By watching ads or listening to the advice of a close friend or trying the samples she will get the information about the cellphones. Third, we have Evaluation of Alternatives. He will evaluate alternatives with calculations and logical thinking. By taking each attribute into consideration and compare different cellphones he finds out that cellphones from Samsung will satisfied his need with the functions galaxy has.Fourth, he will make the Purchase Decision. After ranking brands and forming purchase intention, he is about to buy the cellphone. Now if attitudes of others also points to buying it and there’s no unexpected situational factors like worsening economy or dropping

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