Essay on Marketing Analysis : New Product Development

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If the testing of market reflects promising results, then the product is ready to be introduced to wider market. Some organisations introduce or roll-out the product in waves with different parts of market to receive product on different schedules. It permits the organisation to ramp-up production in a controlled way and to modify the marketing mix as the product is being distributed to different new areas (Freng Svendsen, et al., 2011).

3.3. Marketing Problem 2
Another issue related to the marketing aspect for Zotter is found to be positioning of new developed product while expanding the product line. The strategies for product positioning are different and the selection of any one strategy is important in the context of marketing products by organisations. The selection of inappropriate strategy can cost loss of time with scarce marketing budget. The ramifications of inappropriate selection are expected to influence the bottom line of organisations like Zotter. The issue of new product development in Zotter is expected to lead to a new issue related to marketing and it is in the context of positioning the new product line to be developed. It can be said that the positioning of products or services of organisations is defined with the position of organisation or brand in the eyes of consumers. The marketers are found to make attempt for creating an identity related to a product or organisation while expressing positioning in the context of other competitors within the…

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