Market Expansion Essay

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Al Ain Dairy: market expansion
Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan

Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan is an Associate Professor (Marketing) in the Faculty of Business and Management, University of Wollongong in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

hashi Kumar Menon, the chief operating officer of Al Ain Dairy was at their launch of the new product Long Life Juice in Dubai on 16 July 2010. To a room full of media and interested stakeholders, he explained the company’s upcoming six month plan. Al Ain Diary was UAE’s largest dairy company by market share but now wanted to replicate their success in dairy in both the regional market and the fruit juice market. There were challenges: increasing production capabilities; product innovation
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These categories are normally consumed by low-income groups like the construction workers. The current 12 per cent growth is coming because of the ‘‘high salary families’’ consumption of the 2 litre and 1 gallon fresh milk and juice packs. Lots of these customers are from MENA, Asia and Europe. In response to market findings that customers are becoming more and more health conscious and especially in UAE, which is said to have one of the highest incidences of type 2 diabetes, new products are being formulated. New varieties of milk-like calcium enriched and low-fat varieties have also been added. So far due to the extensive market surveys they have not had one failure in their new product launches. Communication with customers is mainly through mass media such as television; radio; print media such as newspapers, magazines; outdoor media such as lamppost, mupis, buses, and security gate branding; and online media such as, and face book flyers. In fact the web site was recently redesigned. The third value is about business conduct. The value states:
Conduct all business with integrity and fairness, and expect the same high standards from reputable and recognised suppliers.

Today normally, 30 per cent of its raw milk is sourced from ten independent local dairy farms. Al Ain Dairy was instrumental in the formation of the UAE Dairy Association in March 2000. This voluntary agreement works towards standardising trade prices for fresh milk,

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