Market Economy vs Command Economy Essay

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In my Economics class, we are discussing traditional, command, and market economies. Some say, "Well, it would be much better if we switched from Market to Command." All in all, there are many advantages and disadvantages to this. A command economy limits the personal freedom and individuality of a person, and the central government answers all the economic questions offered. Laissez-faire is predominant in a market economy, which has little government interference. Although we would like to think that we live in a laissez-faire based economy, this is not true at all. Whether we realize it or not, the government invades everything, whether it be social, economic, or political, every day. Would socialism be an effective idea? Well, everyone …show more content…
Also, Lassiez Faire and Communism are two ends of the spectrum. One being the freest markets, and one being the most planned and regulated. Socialism is a range in between with more control than our system, and less control than communism.
The more central control there is in an economy the less incentive there is for a person to work. If you will always get the same pay, the same benefits, and the same amount of vacation why would you bother to do something challenging? It would be easier to just half heartedly perform menial labor for the rest of your life that it would be to work hard and become an astronaut or a CEO.
The less control there is the more chances there are for inequality. Lots of people won’t have an education and healthcare. Everyone will always be fighting for more, and some people will invariably be crushed beneath the tides.
It's a balancing act of incentives and disincentives.In response to the comment posted by encol:
During his tenure as US president Roosevelt implemented a number of economic reforms, and although labled 'liberl reforms' they were in fact social reforms (relative to the usual american market economy of course). After WW2 we also saw from Britian a number of socialist reforms, such as the NHS and increased benefits for the unemployed. What you say is true about the greater number of incentives to work within a market economy, but how is it that despite socialist

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