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A real parent is someone that puts their child above their selfish needs. It allows children to be happy, allows them to trust their parents, and allows children to know their parents are there for them. However, parenting can cause misery in one's life if not done from the bottom of one's heart. Bad parenting can cause misery to the child, but in this case of The Curious Incident of the dog in the Night-time, the relationship between Ed Boone and Christopher Boone is filled with love and respect. In Mark Haddon’s the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, Mr.Boone is considered a good parent because he takes good care of him, respects Christopher’s choices, and Mr.Boone looks out for Christopher.

Undeniably, one can see that Mr.Boone
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Mr.Boone warns Christopher to not go around interfering in other people's business. Mr.Boone is frustrated of Christopher going around interfering in others business as he says, “Christopher you have to stay out of trouble, ok? I said I didn't know that someone had killed him. Father said, Just try and keep your nose out of other people's business” (20). Mr.Boone is looking out for Christopher when he is trying to investigate a murder so that he does not get into any trouble. Even though Christopher runs away from home, Mr.Boone quickly goes looking for Christopher. Despite when Mr.Boone and Christopher get into a fight, Christopher runs away from home and meets a police officer on the way he states, “We’ve got your father at the police station. And I thought he was going to say that they had arrested Father for killing Wellington but he didn't. He said, He's looking for you” (159). As Christopher runs away from home, Mr.Boone calls the police station to look for him, which shows Mr.Boone worries about him getting hurt. Which shows Mr.Boone is looking out for him. Therefore, no matter what argument or fight Mr.Boone and Christopher go through, Mr.Boone is always out there looking out for

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