Marjolaine Ryley: An Analysis Of 'Ray's A Laugh'

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At the beginning of the project my initial idea was to go down the DNA route photographing things such as eyes, fingerprints, etc. This soon changed when I researched Marjolaine Ryley as she did a shoot on her female relatives focusing on her Grandma which I liked so I decided to photograph my Nanna’s bungalow and from that I moved onto looking at old photos from her childhood and also my mum to show how time has changed and any similarities there may be as well as their own identities.

In this essay I am going to look at the work of four photographers which are Richard Billingham, Marjolaine Ryley, Helen Sear and Lisa Kokin. First I will talk about the background of each photographer then continue to analyse their work. I will also include
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The photos allow the viewer to get an insight into Richards family life and what they lived like. Richard once said “My father Raymond is a chronic alcoholic. He doesn’t like going outside. My mother Elizabeth hardly drinks, but she smokes a lot”. This is shown throughout the images and it suggests that Richard and his brother Jason didn’t have much of a childhood and didn’t go many places due to their father spending all his money on alcohol and their money on cigarettes and nothing else which is partly why Jason was taken into care when he was 11. Another comment Richard made about his father is “He drinks a lot at night now and gets up late…that’s the thing about my dad, there’s no subject he’s interested in, except drink”. From this I think Ray had nothing to live for only alcohol and doesn’t lead an interesting life. It leads me to believe he doesn’t care about anything not even his wife or kids. He’s wasting his life away and this shows Richard and Jason didn’t have a ‘perfect’ or ‘normal’ family life as others did. Richards brother came back to Ray and Liz and later dropped out of college due to lack of motivation just like his dad as he has no motivation in life although Jason once said ‘Ray’s a laugh’ but he doesn’t want to be like him as he wants a future unlike his father who just sits and drinks all the time never leaving the house and this is where Richard …show more content…
She inspired me within my second shoot as I focused on my Nanna just like she focused in her Grandmother in one of her series and I liked comparing their lives to see how they vary.

‘Villa Mona’ is my favourite photo series Marjolaine has created. I feel that most of the images such as the three I have included are from a child’s point of view as they are taken from low angles as if it is at a child’s eye level. This makes the audience or viewer feel like it was a child in their own home which leads on to the soft lighting as it portrays a happy setting/mood. This makes the viewer look back on their own childhood as they saw things from this view/angle when they were

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