Maria Caesus Case Study

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Maria Jesus did have some flaws though that made her a mean person. She liked to drink and was what you can call an alcoholic. She would send Maria to go her some alcohol with Coca-Cola. Maria would feel really embarrassed doing this and would sometimes not get her any. This is when Maria Jesus would begin to treat her wrong. She would get drunk or leave and this meant that Maria would have to give her son food when he came home. She would serve him and treat him as if he was her husband. This led him to get mixed signals about her and do what he did. For this reason Maria was full of resentment over Maria Jesus, because she felt that she knew about what her son was doing but never really did anything about it.
Maria had many downs and unhappy
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But Maria didn’t want to get married, Francisco begged and begged her to come with him and she did. This is not how it was during most of their marriage tough. Both Maria and Francisco were very young and immature when they got with each other; after all they were still teenagers. Maria was the one responsible for the upbringing of he children.
It was not easy for her at all. She not only faced many financial hardships, but also never had the support from her husband. He had a well paying job, but would always go and blow his money away on friends and other addictions. Francisco would constantly get drunk and come home drunk. This led him to hit Maria, because she would ask him for money and he didn’t have any. This was one of many hardships she faced, domestic violence. He would hit her, but his kids would step in and he would realize he was doing something wrong. Maria never let this get in the way of her kids
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After all the things she went through for herself and her kids, this is how she is paid; with a ten year denial of their visa. Maria describes this as being shot alive. Some one can’t even talk to her, without her tearing up and crying from the pain it has caused her. The judge basically stole 10 years of someone’s innocent life. It wasn’t like she was a criminal. She said that the only thing that has helped her get through this is God. She said that if it wasn’t for all the praying she would’ve gone insane and literally just have been crazy.
My grandparents recently just finished their 10 years in February and are now in the process of getting papers. If all things go well, and God gives us the strength and health, they should be back in the U.S. later this year.
The reason this story seems so outstanding and inconceivable is that she is still the animated character she is after all the things she’s been through. She lost her mother at a young age, was from home in home as a preteen, became a busy mother at such a young age, didn’t know about father’s death, had unstable marriage, and got deported. Maria is currently in a great relationship with Francisco, and should be here in America soon. She said that the things that have kept her going are her self-courage and determination and God. She said that she owes everything to God, and he’s the one that has helped get through all the hard times in her

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