Marge Piercy 's Barbie Doll Essay

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Feminism in Marge Piercy’s “Barbie Doll” Feminism has been alive in the world since the beginning of time, and it is very well alive in many of Marge Piercy’s novels and poems. Her views on feminism are consciously unveiled throughout her works, and they effect the overall theme. She uses feminism to alter the theme of her works by focusing what her overall theme is about around feminism. Many of her works were based on her views on feminism, or some change in society. This is something that Piercy was very passionate about, and something she held strong views about. By incorporating her views on feminism into her works, she was able to encourage others to fight for what they believed in , and to describe how she felt about the treatment of women during the 19th century. Piercy wanted to touch others’ lives through her work, and she wanted her reader to open up and come in contact with who they really are and not what society wants them to be (Bloom 3089). Piercy used her gift of writing to spread her views on feminism and to inspire others. One of the poems that she demonstrates her feminist ideals in is, “Barbie Doll.” By examining Marge Piercy’s biographical background, feminist views in both her life and in her work, and also her use of literary devices in “Barbie Doll,” the reader is able to conclude that a young girl is much more than what her exterior prevails. Marge Piercy’s biographical background has had a large influence on her feminist views in general, and…

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