Essay on Margaret Atwood 's The Handmaid 's Tale

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Throughout history, men have always held power over women; physically, economically and socially. Although time has progressed, and women have made significant strides up the ladder, the patriarchal structure of our society still holds firm. The very basis of our culture was built on the oppression of minorities; women being one of many. Creating expectations on how they cover up, show off, and they are expected to behave, all play into the benefit of men. There has always been a discrepancy among the expectations of man and woman. Even with the freedom we have gained today, there is still an injustice to the gender. Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is one literary example, that touches on a variety of topics all with one common similarity; using women to benefit men. The patriarchy’s ideology about females, even in today’s world, continue to hold them back. If our culture continues to think in such an oppressive way, Atwood’s idea of a dystopic Gilead future for America, could not be too far off. The U.S. legal system is one of the most oppressive powers that men still hold today. Every day, women are denied the justice they deserve. It was up until the late 1970’s that a majority of U.S. states “did not consider spousal rape a crime” (Girls 2008). So how could a woman ever feel safe, when even at home, men continued their tyrannical power? “it wasn’t just the case that saying “no” to one’s husband didn’t make the act that followed rape; in addition,…

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