Marcus Brutus: A Tragic Hero In The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

In the play, “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar”, Marcus Brutus does what any loyal countryman would do. He does what is best for his country even if that means killing his best friend. Brutus is a tragic hero, he has to kill his best friend in order to keep Rome a democracy. Shakespeare showed how Brutus hesitated when going to stab Caesar. It shows how good of friends they were and how he was a little disappointed to kill him. But even though he kills Caesar for the right reasons, his friends do not.

In the play, Brutus is the descendant of Junius Brutus. Junius Brutus kicked all the kings out of Rome and established a democracy. As Brutus reads a letter that Junius Brutus wrote, he thinks out loud, “My ancestors drove Tarquin from the streets
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After reading the letters that Cassius forged, Brutus decides to join the conspiracy. As Brutus is in the orchard reading the letters loud, he says “Oh, Rome, I promise you, if you’re meant to receive justice, you’ll receive it by my hand!” (II.i.56-58). He wants his people to be happy and thinks the only way to keep them happy is to join the conspiracy and kill Caesar. Another mistake that Brutus is how he let Mark Antony speak at Caesar’s funeral. After Brutus says his speech at the funeral, he leaves, letting Mark Antony say what he wills. Mark Antony explains how Caesar did a lot for Rome and the conspirators killed him. He says the people should mourn, in any way they want. This gives the people of Rome the idea to turn against Brutus and get revenge. However, with Mark Antony keeping his word, he never blamed the conspirators and says how Brutus is an honorable man, over and over. The people are smarter than that though. Antony explains the conspirators as “Men have become brutish beasts and lost their reason!” (III.ii.101-102). One final mistake that Brutus does is decide to march his army to Philippi and lose the advantage of the hills and tiring out his army with ends with Antony and Octavius defeating and Brutus being killed. With Brutus and his army forcing people to be loyal to them, if Antony’s army comes through, the people will support them. If Brutus marches to Philippi, then the people …show more content…
Which ended with the murder of Caesar. In the end, the Rome was turned into a monarchy. Before Caesar was killed, there was no distinct leader, everyone just followed what Caesar because they like what he was doing for the country. When was Caesar was going to finally accept the crown, Brutus did not want that. Brutus wanted to keep Rome a democracy, something that his ancestors had established. Caesar could do a lot with his power as king and Brutus was worried with the outcome of that. So Brutus and the conspirators kill Caesar, leaving chaos and nobody in rule. This all ends with a war and Brutus being killed. After Brutus is killed, everyone follows Mark Antony which ends with a monarchy. Exactly what Brutus was trying so desperately to

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