Marc Webb 's Romantic Comedy Essay

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The growth of a person is most often determined by the environment in which he live in, as well as the relationships that he or she maintains. Erich Fromm, a German social psychoanalyst, once said that romantic exchanges create the building blocks that allow both partners in the relationship to propel themselves forward in society and in life. However, he also noted in his book, The Art of Loving, that relationships where both partners did not give and take equally, whether emotionally or physically, would impede the growth of the lovers and eventually lead to toxicity. Similarly, Marc Webb 's romantic comedy (500) Days of Summer follows Tom Hansen, a failed architect whose potential is hindered because of his attraction and dependency towards Summer. It is shown in the movie that while he is in a relationship with Summer, his personal growth is stunted, yet when he finally gets over their breakup and develops a more independent and masculine nature, he is able to take his life in his own hands. Thus, through the characterization of the couple as well as symbolism, Webb promotes the conformity to traditional gender roles established in Western societies as straying from these standards will lead to decline. Unlike in usual romantic comedies wherein the guy gets the girl and they end up happily ever after, (500) Days of Summer shows Tom throughout the movie as struggling with his relationship and having to cope with Summer 's frivolousness. He is portrayed as being…

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